057 (1024x650)Sarah Jones is an emerging poet and freelance writer. A recent transplant from Los Angeles to the Seattle area, Sarah completed her B.A. in English at the University of Washington in 2014. She is now in the process of applying for her M.F.A. in Poetry.

In April of 2013, Sarah’s poem “Blossoms” was featured on NPR’s ‘Muses And Metaphor’ Poetry Series.

Sarah is the membership coordinator and social media manager at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. At PNWA, Sarah helps implement growth initiatives through local and social media outreach, and assists as the poetry coordinator at the annual PNWA Writers Conference. She is the creator of the “Bards & Beverages” poetry reading at the PNWA Conference. Sarah also helps manage PNWA’s Nancy Pearl Book Award Contest and Literary Contest.

When Sarah’s not clacking on a keyboard, she enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and watching FIFA with her husband and two boys. She also loves to slip on her heels and head out for a glass of wine with friends.

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